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Sylvia Westcott


Music and dancing have always been Sylvia’s passion. From Ballet, Flamenco, Belly-dancing, Latin American and Ballroom to, finally, finding the Argentine Tango in 2003.

She has travelled to Buenos Aires seven times, taking lessons with various well-known dancers and travels annually to the Summerdaze Tango Festival held in Nijmegen, Netherlands, which is hosted and run by her inspiration and mentor, Eric Jorissen. During these visits, Sylvia has also taken DJ-ing courses with Arnoud de Graaff, a well-respected DJ in Europe.

After being a guest DJ at some of Mark Hoeben’s milongas at The Valve, Sylvia began organising her own milongas starting in 2005.

She also DJ’d at the first Cape Town Tango Marathon held in December 2017 and was invited to DJ at a special event at El Corte in Nijmegen.

At present, Sylvia DJ’s at Milonga Apasionada, organised by Jackie Borez and herself, as well as at all outdoor events organised by Russell Kleintjies.