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Jazmin de Maria

Jazmin de Maria Tango


Jazmin was trained in both dance and theatre at the Waterfront Theatre College in Cape Town.

Born in Buenos Aires, she first came across Tango at the age of 20 in Cordoba, Argentina and moved back to Buenos Aires in 2014 to study Tango with Alejandra Mantiñan for two years and became her assistant at her workshops. After that she trained with Cesar Coelho for another year and learnt about dynamic of movement and the intricacies of traditional Tango as a culture and as a dance form.

Jazmin moved back to Cape Town in 2017 to combine both methods explored and to offer regular classes and organize Tango events in Cape Town.

“I feel a responsibility to share the knowledge I have learnt from my teachers with the utmost respect for what I love the most.“